We look at the big picture.

By using an in-depth understanding of how the body functions as a whole, and applying this to your individual circumstances, needs, and goals, we are able  to provide a high standard of care that gets you back to living your life the way that you want to.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy techniques include chiropractic manipulations, joint mobilizations, myofascial release techniques, and instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy.

Concussion Management

Concussion management for both acute concussion and persistent concussion symptoms involving evaluation and treatment of the visual and vestibular systems and cervical spine, as well as personalized nutritional and exercise interventions.

Markerless Motion Capture

A state of the art multi-camera motion capture system is used to analyze specific movement patterns, provide insight into how you move, and reveal any areas of dysfunction or inefficiency.

Strength Testing

Research-grade strength testing is used in order to obtain objective measures of muscular strength and identify areas of weakness/inhibition.

Functional Integrated Acupuncture

Functional integrated acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into specific anatomical structures in order to improve blood flow, normalize neuromuscular tone, reduce muscle spasm, and decrease pain using current scientific evidence-based models.

Advanced Rehabilitation

Take an active role in your rehabilitation with guided strategies to strengthen the body’s tissues, improve movement quality, and enhance performance.


We provide you with the tools to protect yourself against future injury and manage pain on your own when manual care is no longer necessary.

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